2010 family photo

Tim’s Pizza East

Tim’s Pizza East opened its doors in December of 1993 under manager Teri Slavens. She was no newcomer to the restaurant business, though. Teri began her career in 1976. She applied for her first job, at Tim’s Pizza on North College and was hired as a waitress. In the next five years she worked her way up to head waitress, then manager.

In 1981 she helped open and manage Tiny Tim’s Pizza on the downtown square. For the next 12 years Teri learned the ins and outs of running a restaurant, meanwhile raising 2 kids, along with her husband, Rocky.

In 1993, owner, Mel Cranston began renovation of the building which formerly housed Nana Carolyn’s at 1813 East Mission. Again Teri was recruited to open and manage the new location.

In 1996, Cranston decided to sell all three locations. Teri and Rocky purchased the Mission Boulevard location, operating under the name Tim’s Pizza East. Since that time Teri has striven to keep the flavor that is Tim’s Pizza.

Teri’s daughter and son both began working at Tim’s as young teenagers. Jennifer and Logan play a big role in the family business. Not only do Teri’s children work with her, her sister and nephew are also employees. It truly is a family business.

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